​​Innovative therapies
                         Superior outcomes
  • Non-cardiotoxic when administered as single agents.
  • Cardioprotective when given in combination with other cardiotoxic antitumor agents.
  • Affordable for clients and safer to administer for veterinarians.

Our current drug development program follows the initial success by our Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder, Dr. Mervyn Israel. This led to the clinical development of Valstar® (valrubicin) by Dr. Israel’s previous enterprise, Anthra Pharmaceuticals, as a treatment for human bladder cancer.  Exploiting the anthracycline drug structural platform expanded as a collaborative effort with investigators from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (Drs. Leonard Lothstein, Trevor Sweatman, Judith Soberman and Polly Hofmann) and the University of Mississippi College of Pharmacy (Dr. John Rimoldi).  

This research has been supported by the National Institutes of Health, the American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Susan G. Komen for The Cure, The Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association Foundation, and other private investment in the cumulative amount of over $10 million. Our research has produced an advanced therapeutics pipeline demonstrating commercial potential for five anthracycline compounds with novel mechanisms of action and therapeutic benefits over current therapies for the treatment of refractory cancers.

The current Paradox Pharmaceuticals product pipeline includes the antitumor and cardioprotective compounds, benzarubicin and pivarubicin, the radiation enhancing agents, valrubicin and AD 36 and the non-cardiotoxic mixed-function antitumor compound, daunomustine. Daunomustine is our lead veterinary chemotherapeutic agent based on its pharmacological properties and advanced stage of clinical development.  In addition to our advanced pipeline numerous related compounds are currently being investigated for both oncologic and non-oncologic therapeutic potential.

  • Clinically superior to currently used anthracyclines, especially against drug-resistant cancers. ​​

Paradox Pharmaceuticals was founded with the mission of safely eradicating veterinary cancers. This has been accomplished through the development of functionally distinct novel agents that are:

We are dedicated to translating innovative laboratory discoveries into new drugs to treat cancer in companion animals.

  • Improved health of the patient is the goal of pharmaceutical advancement.

  • Pharmaceutical advancement is achieved through innovation.

  • Innovation is achieved through honest, ethical and transparent collaborative research and development.

  • The implementation of these core values is the responsibility of strong, visionary leadership, the result of which will create value for the company.

Core Values:

Mission Statement: